Thursday, March 20, 2014

My disappointment in Amnesty International

Today, I want to write about something that has nothing to do with computers but with my life. After all, this Blog is called Life of a Tech Dude and I decided it is time to put something up about my life or better write about something that really pisses me off!

Every now and than I receive a phone call from telemarketers and I am always fairly friendly to them though I never sign up or buy anything.

A few month ago, I also signed up for Amnesty International as I believe to have a good income and outcome in life and know that many don't and I know how much luck I had in life. I am pretty darn sure that one or two of my former school teachers would have seen a future petty criminal in me. But that is a story for another day.

Anyhow, I payed a yearly membership fee and started to get slowly but steady more involved by signing petitions and  sending letters (custom, not that crap they won't you to send) for the good cause. Even looking into issues where I could donate more money to as well.

A few days ago, I received a phone call from a telemarketer calling on behalf of Amnesty International asking for more money for some cause..... That really set me off.

I can not understand why a Charity can afford to hire a call center to call their paying members instead of sending an email. That is a complete waist of money especially if you know how effective such calls are and believe me I do know as I was doing such a Job when I was 19 years of age to earn a bit of money to support myself.

This is complete rubbish!! That is a waist of money that people entrusted to a charitable organization and I did not expected Amnesty to employ such stupid and wasteful fundraisers.
Also, my details such as Full name, membership status and phone number was forwarded to a third party, a company specialized in telemarketing. I looked that one up using the phone number they used to call me.

I know that many other such as the Red Cross do so and that's the reason why I do not support the Red Cross as such apart from the occasional coin in one of those buckets.

Call me naive but I really thought better of Amnesty International and I have to admit that part of my overall disappointment is a disappointment in myself by not accepting the fact that large organization are wasting money large amount of money simple because they can as well as being led by people who have a very narrow and dusted mind and are reluctant or incapable to change.

I decided to not extend my membership with amnesty and withdraw from any activity associated with that organization but instead to provide my money and my time to organizations such as The Big Issue that is supporting Homeless people a lot more direct.

I am interested to hear your opinion on this and yes, you are welcome to call me naive.


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