Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Giving back to the community

In the past days, I tried to clean up my computer and delete stuff I do not need anymore or are just plain junk.  I stopped at my "Projects" folder and wondered what I might find if I really look a bit deeper and I was quite surprised not just by the cheer amount of 'Projects' I had on my computer. To be honest, almost all of my projects are prototypes with some not in a working condition anymore due to broken dependencies, changes in chosen language or just due to some 'improvements' made on-the-run.

Also, I did not do a lot with my Blog in the past year, as a matter of fact I did not even publish a single article/post in 2013 which I attribute to some pretty hefty changes in my Life.

So, long story short, I did find two tiny gaming projects which are in an prototype stage but can be easily extended for iOS using the Cocos2D Framework. Both are fairly simple and I am more than confident that I won't finish any of those games, ever. Both where made as a sort of learning project a few years back when I realized I never really wrote a game and wondered if I could do it. Turned out to be a fairly easy thing to do but also not as exciting as I thought it would be.

Maybe some of you would have an interest in receiving the source code and use it as some sort of a starting point. Mind you, both are fairly simple. The Projects are called 'Letter Smasher' and 'Skweekster'

I will need to do some changes to the project so they will at least run on current iPhones.

will be the first to be "released" as it is the one that currently works but has some minor issues which should be easy to fix given some time.
It also has some basic game mechanics and one enemy in form of ghost.

Anyhow, as mentioned earlier,  I will need a few days to at least clean a few things up, create a GIT repository and write a small post to explain at least the basics so please stay tuned and check this place in about a week or two.

Until than, I wish you all the best. 

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